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Terri Lynn & The REDFOX Lifestyle Team Created The Perfect Healthy Journey For Women Who Want To – Live The Healthy “Lifestyle” Of Their Dreams – Be Inspired, Get Motivated, Stay Educated & Find Resources In The Fashion, Fitness, Health, Beauty, Home & Lifestyle Industries.  #TheREDFOXLifestyle Is About Living A Healthy “Lifestyle”.


We Connect Our Clients With Inspirational Brand Partners Who Share Our Mission To Inspire & Empower Women To Live Their Best Life Through A Journey Of Fashion, Fitness, Health, Beauty...& Overall Wellness. 


We Are Excited To INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE & INFLUENCE Women With – New Content, New Products, New Trends, New Designs – Created By Our “Lifestyle” Brand Partners That Inspire #HealthyLiving For Women!


We Are Dedicated To Searching For Inspirational Finds Through Our Brand Partners, Social Media, Online Publications; As Well As Through Our Own Personal (Life) Experiences!  Suggestions, Recommendations & Ideas That Relate To – Fashion, Fitness, Health, Beauty, Home, Lifestyle, Dogs, Travel, Wine (& More!) – Topics Are Posted & Shared Through Our Social Media Communities For Our Clients To “Be Inspired & Get Motivated”. We Are Committed To Our Clients Success By Offering Them The Opportunity To Live The "Healthy Lifestyle Of Their Dreams”!



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"The REDFOX Lifestyle"

We Connect Our Clients With "Healthy" Brand Partners – & "Promise" To Inspire, Motivate, Educate, Empower, Encourage & Influence Them With –

New Trends, Content & Products!

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"The REDFOX Brand"

“The REDFOX Brand” Was Created & Launched By Native Californian –

Terri Lynn.  Over 25 Years Experience, 

Terri Lynn Is One Of The Most Highly Sought-After Health & Fitness Experts!


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"The REDFOX Team"

Join Our Clients - #TheREDFOXTeam -Supportive Community Of Like-Minded Women Who Are Taking Advantage

Of Life-Changing Products Having Significant Impact On Their Lives!

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"Terri Lynn has been my Personal Trainer, Coach/Instructor & Mentor for several years.  She has brought discipline to my workout schedule that I could not have achieved on my own.  Although I have been a member at the local health club for over 12 years, I had never established a schedule of workouts where I could achieve my goals. 


Terri Lynn has also helped me with my meal planning which has completely changed my eating "Lifestyle", & my body is now lean & toned!

I highly recommend Terri Lynn's, REDFOX Fitness Training to anyone who is interested in achieving improved cardiovascular & physical conditioning; including clean eating habits.

Thank you so much Terri Lynn for pushing me & letting me have fun at the same time!"

BARB A., San Diego, CA


"I have been training with Terri Lynn, & taking her TRL REDFOX Boot Camp classes, for about one year.  Due to the consistency of my workouts, working with Terri Lynn 3 days a week, & sometimes more, my stamina has improved while increasing muscle tone, & decreasing body fat. 


I love Terri Lynn's physique, she is in unbelievable shape, & I want to model myself after her.  I want her fit, toned & amazing "booty"! 


Terri Lynn, & TRL REDFOX Boot Camp, have been the motivating influence in helping me to get in shape.  They have helped me change my eating habits to a more healthier lifestyle & consequently, I've lost 37 pounds in six months & I am leaner, stronger, happier & healthier.  


Thanks Terri Lynn for all your help & inspiration!"

JULISSA R., New York, NY


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